Never ever let anyone making a woman feel anything lesser than what they deserve. Its our culture that settling the tone of such low esteem in respecting a woman in current environment. Who to be blame? Yes indeed, woman.

Woman has the tendancy to want to explain on everything. You do not need to explain yourself. Remember this.

In life there is 1 simple truth about woman. Woman get exactly what they are willing to settle for. They set their own bar in their life. They know they have the power but often woman themself take it for granted.
Settling for less, chasing for the love that isn’t yours, afraid to speak up your own voice, always worried and concern of others thought, making their man on top of their priority where in return man treated them as an option, rationalize people bad behaviour, find excuses for others wrongdoing towards you, let others voices determine your mood, thinking you are inedequate if mistake happen, so on and so forth.

These are all the sign of not knowing your self worth. Woman soon wrinkled up inside themself. Many ended up settle for unhealthy life or relationship. Arent this a disaster?

Unfortunately, many with absence of these power and such, for years even decades, woman surround themself with pain in all aspect in life or relationship.

Your dream life, your dream relationship, your dream future! Woman shape it yourself. Its an inside job of your inner self. This is the key that set you free for the rest of your life. So if a woman dont know your own worth, relationship never been wonderful. Life seem difficult most of the times. So happiness is beyond reach. What you planted in your mind is what you going to get. If woman dont know their worth, they attract less than sacred. If woman dont know their value, life and relationship become unpleasant experience and never been a wonderful one. It was the woman fault who didn’t demand to be respected and cherished.

Just by being born female, you were gifted with a magic wand that can makes the world go round. Woman need to recognize that no one is more important that your own happiness. A happy and blossom woman with a beautiful glow of her own kind will shine till the end.
A woman might be…

You are someone wife. You are someone daughter. You are someone sister.

Treat a woman the way they should be treated.
Be bold enough to leave those legacy behind to your daughter… 😍

Be crazy enough that people crave for you vibes and beautiful soul.

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Women, love yourself completely

Dont look for the good in people, search for the real. Good often dressed in fake clothing while real is naked but proud of all scars. Sometimes when you build in silence, people dont know what to attack. Dont sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone true colors. Keeping distance is the best. Talking badly about someone while she is not there to defend herself says more about who you truly are. Character always reveal itself in the end.

Along the time you’ll realize the unfollow list become longer. I guess people are probably never happy about their own life. Thats why they are too busy discussing yours.

Everyday is a blessing in disguise.

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Stay away from negative people

Healthy tips

“Dr. Pradeep Konnur Jaya multispeciality panchakarma ayurveda hospital, karatagi. encouraged each person receiving this newsletter to forward it to more people, certainly at least one life will be saved.

Drinking hot lemon water can prevent cancer. Don’t add sugar. Hot lemon water is more beneficial than cold lemon water.

Both yellow n purple sweet potato have good cancer prevention properties.

01. Often taking late night supper can increase the chance of stomach cancer

02. Never take more than 4 eggs per week

03. Eating pope’s nose (chicken backside) can cause stomach cancer

04. Never eat fruits after meal. Fruits should be eaten before meals

05. Don’t take tea during menstruation period.

06. Take less soy milk, no adding sugar or egg to soy milk

07. Don’t eat tomato with empty stomach

08. Drink a glass of plain water every morning before food to prevent gall bladder stones

09. No food 3 hrs before bed time

10. Drink less Teh Tarik, no nutritional properties but can cause diabetes and hypertension

11. Do not eat toast bread when it is hot from oven or toaster

12. Do not charge your handphone or any device next to you when you are sleeping

13. Drink 10 glasses of water a day to prevent bladder cancer

14. Drink more water in the day time, less at night

15. Don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day, may cause insomnia and gastric

16. Eat less oily food. It takes 5-7 hrs to digest them, makes you feel tired

17. After 5pm, eat less

18. Six types of food that makes you happy: banana, grapefruit, spinach, pumpkin, peach.

19. Sleeping less than 8 hrs a day may deteriorate our brain function. Taking Afternoon naps may keep our youthful look.

Cooked tomato has better healing properties than the raw tomato.

Hot lemon water can sustain your health and make you live longer!
Hot lemon water kills cancer cells
Add hot water to 2-3 slices of lemon. Make it a daily drink
The bitterness in hot lemon water is the best substance to kill cancer cells.
Cold lemon water only has vitamin C, no cancer prevention.

Hot lemon water can control cancer tumor growth.
Clinical tests have proven hot lemon water works.
This type of Lemon extract treatment will only destroy the malignant cells, it does not affect healthy cells.

Next citric acid and lemon polyphenol in side lemon juice, can help reduce high blood pressure, effective prevention of deep vein thrombosis, improve blood circulation, and reduce blood clots.

Take good care of their own health!


Women’s Multivite With Evening Primrose Oil, Royal Jelly & Korean Ginseng.

Everything that you consume daily has a profound effect on our energy levels and I should say happiness 😂.

Each tablet contains:

I’ve taken this for quite a while now. I am not so sure what exactly can this do to my body but I’ve noticed an improvement in a few area. This include;

1. Tireness and fatique

I get tired quite easily due to my low blood pressure. So after taken this multivite I feel energized and active most of the time maybe due to it contains of folid acid.

According to the British Dietetic Association (BDA), folic acid is vital for making red blood cells, as well as:

  • the synthesis and repair of DNA and RND
  • aiding rapid cell division and growth
  • enhancing brain health, although the evidence is mixed and more research is needed
  • age-related hearing loss
  • to support a methotrexate prescription for rheumatoid arthritis.

Aside from anemia and congenital deformities, folic acid deficiency can result in other health problems, including:

  • a higher risk of developing clinical depression
  • possible problems with memory and brain function
  • a higher risk of potentially developing allergic diseases
  • a higher potentiallong term risk of lower bone density

2. Wrinkle and skin dryness
Vitamin A helps form and maintain healthy teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, mucus membranes, and skin. It is also known as retinol because it produces the pigments in the retina of the eye.

Carotenoids are dark-colored dyes (pigments) found in plant foods that can turn into a form of vitamin A. There are more than 500 known carotenoids. One such carotenoid is beta-carotene.

  • Beta-carotene is an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by substances called free radicals. Free radicals are believed to contribute to certain chronic diseases and play a role in the aging processes.
  • Food sources of carotenoids such as beta-carotene may reduce the risk for cancer.
  • Beta-carotene supplements do not seem to reduce cancer risk

So this may be the reason why I no longer has skin dryness problems.

Important note: you may noticed the change of your urine color to yellowish green.

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My supplement story #1

I used to care a lot on people who dont even care about me. I used to worry so much about what people thought of me.

The fact is, some poeple will like you, some will just hate you. That’s life.

Maybe being hurt too much had make me numb. Numb of feeling for others.

And overtime I grew stronger and realized nothing can ever hurt me. In the end, its your loss and not me because I caree too much before.

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Enjoy your moment now

Pagi ini, Kementerian Kewangan memuatnaik satu hantaran (posting) infografik di laman rasmi Facebook mereka yang memaparkan perbandingan harga barangan di bawah cukai SST dan cukai GST.

Pengiraan untuk GST yang ada di dalam infografik ini ternyata salah kerana tidak mengambil kira input GST yang boleh dituntut balik oleh pengilang, pemborong dan peruncit. Jika mengikut pengiraan yang betul, harga jualan kepada pengguna di bawah cukai GST dengan menggunakan margin keuntungan yang sama sepatutnya RM152.64 dan bukan RM171.49.

Selepas menyedari kesalahan itu lantaran dikecam pengguna Facebook, Kementerian Kewangan memadamkan posting FB ini beberapa jam kemudian.

Integriti Kementerian Kewangan tentang hal cukai dan pengiraan amat penting dan kesalahan dalam pengiraan cukai begini tidak patut dilakukan. Bagaimana sebuah kementerian yang bertanggungjawab terhadap cukai itu sendiri tidak tahu pengiraan yang betul?

Setahu saya, selama 9 tahun saya menjadi Menteri Kewangan, kita tidak pernah membuat posting dengan pengiraan yang amat ketara kesilapannya dan tidak penah memadam sebarang posting.

Infografik ini dibuat dan diterbitkan oleh BERNAMA dan saya dapati mereka masih menggunakan infografik ini sehingga tular.

Walaupun YB Tony Pua yang merupakan penasihat kepada Menteri Kewangan Lim Guan Eng pernah berucap dengan begitu yakin di Parlimen bulan lalu bahawa SST akan mengurangkan harga barang (Hoh! Satu kenyataan yang paling berani) dan kerajaan PH bertegas mempertahankan cukai SST mereka, saluran rasmi kementerian dan informasi kerajaan tidak patut digunakan untuk menipu rakyat dengan pengiraan yang ternyatanya sangat salah.

Biar rakyat menilai dengan sendiri pada hari ini iaitu hari pertama cukai SST dilaksanakan jika harga barang telah turun ataupun SST hanya dibayar oleh pengilang sahaja.

UPDATE: Nampaknya BERNAMA baru-baru sahaja telah memadamkan posting mereka juga.


Pengiraan SST vs GST yg salah oleh Menteri Kewangan

Allah says,
If you are grateful, I will surely bestow more favors on you.
Dont leave good things to special day to use.
Stop waiting for the right time.
Everyday you live is a special day. Life should be an experience we cherish, not a day with hard work, worries or heartbreaks.

Theres come a point in your life when you realize who matter, who never did, who wont anymore and who always will. In the end you learn who is fake, who is true and who would risk it all for you.
When people dont know whats going on in your life, they speculate, when they think they know, they fabricate and when they do know they just hate.
Life is short. Only when you learn to love yourself truly, unconditionally, you wont hurt another.
When you love what you have, you have everything you need.

Everything can only be rewarded if you dont account for returns.
Life is beautiful, enjoy every moment.
Live simple, think simple.

True happiness is when you live every second of your life with a peace of mind

-Live as if today is your last-

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Live as if today is your last

Every step forward we take, we are actually taking 3 steps backward.. People says when we are happy we enjoy the music but when we are sad we understand the lyrics.

So whenever we have a disagreement, remember to pause, reset and play. Take a moment to reflect and speak differently in a different tone because 60 seconds spend being upset, you’ll lost 1 minute of happiness forever.

-life is too long for regrets-

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Talk in a different tone

When life gets busy, we always slip into the rut of eating on the run and neglecting to take time to sit down together.
This is something we should avoid at all time.

There are a whole lot of benefits with taking the time to eat together, at the table. Dinner especially.

One of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing good food with the people you love.
Life is too short to miss out on a simple joy and all the good things it can bring to our families and people we love.

-family come first-

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Family that eats together stays together