Be an example.
Show kindness.
Show kindness especially to those unkind people. No matter how unkind they treated you. Forgive them. Never hate them. Keep forgiving even tho they don’t deserve it and keep your smiling face.
Always remember that kindness breeds kindness.
Love unconditionally.

Attimes, we have 1001 reason to be unkind when we feel worst at certain level. It’s tempting to be at their level of unkindness or a much higher arrogance or intollerance.
Being unkind or being around unkindness, only brings you down. If anyone is trying to be rude, unkind or angry, never retaliate instead respond with kindness.
It is not only change the whole situation but it may help them see the world in a much different perspective. The world is actually a lovely place. Why ruin it with a negative moods or thoughts.

So start today onwards, always choose to stop a fight or any kind of argument or disagreement with kindness. It will brings the better piece of you. A positive you.
You have nothing to lose.

The biggest challenges being with unkind people is yourself. For you to stay positive. It is one of the common trial Allah afflicts us with.
So stay sabr and positive.

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Kindness breeds kindness

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember every thing you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.

Have faith in your journey. The only person you should try to be better the person you were yesterday.

Lets have a peaceful mind and heart living your everyday peacefully in a peaceful life, your very own quiet peaceful life.

Live your own amazing life without comparing yourself to other, a life where you no longer need any approval or worrying about people expectation.

Dont invest your hopes in anyone but Allah, do not fear anyone but the consequences of your own sins.
Life is a blessing and come with a purpose,
alhamdullilah ♥️

Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life!
Be what you are. Your self worth is determine by you.

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Have faith

Are you happy? Extremely happy?
Full of joy? Blissful? Overjoyed? Are you?

What is happiness means to you?

I’ve learned today that one can only reach true happiness when one Insyirahus Sadr.

Allah says in Chapter 94 verse 1, 5 and 6

Alam Nashrah Laka Sadrak..
Fa Inna Ma Al Usri Yusra
Inna Ma Al Usri Yusra

Expand your heart, Then, surely with hardship comes ease, Indeed, with hardship comes ease.

In syaa Allah.
A happy person will pray and never loses her sabr and continue to wait because she knows Allah’s time is the best time.

Thank you Allah and please forgive me if I asked YOU more than I thanked YOU.



Happiness only when you Insyirahus Sadr.

Holding on to a fake and toxic relationship or shall I say that you don’t even realized it is fake because that person you love so dearly has actually long gone. It was you that never accept or embrace it.

Many of us believe that holding on or hanging in there are a true sign of strength. However, in life many times in which it takes so much more strength to just let go.
Yes thats right. You heard me the first time. That is our biggest mistake by HOLDING ON. You make your own life miserable while the person you can’t imagine living without is having all the fun.

All wounds are going to bleed. You can always bandage the bleeding with work, drugs, cigarette and making so many mistakes again and again ignoring the bleeding but it won’t solve your problem. It won’t help you heal your heartache or broken heart but it will only stain your life even more.

Eventually whether you like it or not, you have got to open the wound. Stick your hands inside and pull out the core of your pain. The pain that is holding you on your past. Why live in the past? Why not enjoying the present moment? Why don’t make peace of all those memories? Good or bad, it is still a memories because holding on will only bleed you more. Trust me, it will heal. It will!

Don’t give someone else the love you should be giving yourself because when you learn to let go of the wrong people you are allowing the right people to come into your life and more importantly to stay.

Learn to love yourself before giving away that love to someone else.
Never put your own happiness on someone else hand.

Remember that.

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Holding on and letting go

Every single day I wake up i realized that Im too busy making new beautiful memories until I dont even miss the old ones.

We only live today, this particular day once in our lives, never make your future self to regret those days you’ve spent in living your past.

Keep those people you loved close to your heart. We actually owe it to ourself to live the greatest life that we’re capable of living.

“Never put your happiness on someone else’s hand.”

So many of us that missed some moment so much it hurts. You only living in the past and not present.

Now i dont even care what people say about me anymore. Talking badly behind someone while she is not there to defend herself, says more about you.

I’ve learned to ignore and not to explain things to people. It mislead them into thinking they are entitled to know everything I do.

Attimes you have to pretend im a bad person so you dont feel guilty about the things you did and say. I hope your delusion helps you sleep at night. Some people just doesnt want to hear the truth because they just doesnt want to end their illusions.

Be your own meaning and happiness and you will sleep like a baby every single night of your life.

-happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate the blessing they already have-
Says ALHAMDULLILAH, every moment of life.

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Never put your happiness on someone else’s hand

Suddenly i misses the little you and not the very independent teenager that you’ve become.

The little you that once drove me crazy and i used to tell myself why can’t you grow up much quicker because of all those “living like hell kinda feeling” i used to get especially when you showing off your tantrum, those restless sleep every single night, those neverending work and house chore etc etc etc..bla bla bla.

In short all the bad overshadowing the wonders and beauty of life with a little one.

When the time passed, as a mom I’ll miss all those moment that i couldn’t get back anymore. Because you can’t exactly play peek a boo or hide and seek with a 13 year old boy that now plays minecraft.

Cherish and enjoy those moment. Those are the best moment that ever happened to a person called mommy because you’ll never get it back. It happened so fast and before you knew it, they’ve grown up to be another person you once knew how cute they are.

I used to work 16 hrs a day in boutique for 9 years. I guess i really missed out A LO>TTTT.

I once says why don’t you grow up much quicker and yet now I always selfishly tell both of you this ” koko and titi, please don’t grow up so quick ”
Sop sopppppp…
Now and every other day, i misses the little you too often 😢😢😢😢

TBC..wipe off my tears and I’ll have much more to write..soon..

You can’t play hide and seek, peek a boo with a 13 year old teenager that play minecraft now 😭

Sabr and silence is better than expressing how you really feel.

When people you care is hurting you, when your heart is aching because people you love is lying to you, when you don’t understand what’s happening in your life, when your heart is shattered into pieces through your life/love problems, when you staying up all night long crying, you feel so sad that it physically hurt inside, when you feel like you want to scream and let it all out because it’s killing you inside, when you feel yhe pain is unbearable every time you breathe, when you can’t doing anything right and everything is falling apart, when you’re suffocating and in an extreme grieves, when you’re lossing yourself and everything inside you dies, when you feel so disappointed with all the decision you make, when you’re being treated unjustly, when you’re lost and you have nowhere to go…

When you’re giving up…

Close your eye, take a deep breath and say

“O Allah, I know this is your plan, just help me through it.”

Because verily for every difficulties, there is relief.

Being able to be patient and being able to stay silence in every single situation whether you are right or wrong is the greatest blessing one can be given.

Allah says, He is with who that is patient and He has prepare something better than what you asked for.

Human, the greatest creature created with free will filled with countless trial and test so we can live our life in the most meaningful way.

My Islam way.
Thank you Allah swt.

The journey of sabr and silence

Road were made for journey, not destination.
Sometimes it’s better to walk alone rather than with a crowd going towards the wrong direction.

The road sometimes had it’s own lonely time. What you need to do is keep yourself busy 🤗 because when you are evolving your higher self the road always seem lonely and hard, full of obstacles.

You can only see the beautifuls rainbow when you decide to put up with the rain.

So never give up. Believe in you. Never ever give up on yourself because 10 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do. Explore and discover. Dream big.

Trust, believe and forgive yourself.

You are not what happened to you.
You are what you choose to become.

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Walking alone

I’ve learned that in life, people will hate you, say something bad about you, disrespect you, make as though you are the one that is crazy.

People will make you mad, hurt you and act like you hurt them.

They will judge you, misunderstand you, gossip about you.

But know that, none of the above will have anything to do with you.
Sometime it’s just funny because you are the reflection they wanted to be 😃

And they don’t pay your bill!

So go on with your life happily. Be kind. Have peace. Never doubt your worth and the beauty of your truth.

Just keep on shining and lets people crave for your vibes.

-let the haters hate-

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Let the haters hate